Istrska Belica






Jenko Farm

In the Jenko family, the olive tree is a traditional plant; it has been indispensable for generations, similarly as in every Istrian farm. In the 1990s, three olive groves were planted where, under the warm Mediterranean sun, carefully grown olives are produced; for decades they have been the basis of premium olive oils.

Hard effort, care, understanding the characteristics of the olive tree, the desire for new knowledge and the pursuit of quality have taken the Jenko olive oil from a popular local product to Slovenian and international awards. Today it ranks among the most prestigious olive oils in the world.

Olives are hand-picked at the time of their optimal maturity. The same day, the olives are cold pressed with purely mechanical processes observing strict requirements for the processing of olives from ORGANIC PRODUCTION.

The varietal selection mostly consists of the autochthon Istrian variety istrska belica (Istrian white), accompanied also by the leccino, maurino, and frantoio variety. The autochthonous olives are also served as table finger food.
In the basement, the oil is filtered to remove the last hard particles. At controlled temperatures and protected by nitrogen, the oil waits for bottling. In this way, it preserves its top quality throughout the season.